Fake Magazine

I created a fake magazine page.  Tell me what you think!

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Bloom is now blooming!

Hey everyone,

The staff of Bloom Magazine [Caridie, SHaZa-BABii-Xo, and me] have begun to work on the very first issue!

Haven't heard of it yet?

Check out the following links.

I am very excited about this issue.  I would love to tell you what my article is about but it's best a surprise.

See you later, 
Blondebug xx

Yeah, cuz pigs are that talented nowadays.

Bob The Pig -- I know you took your laptop with you when you took the train running away from home, so please email me and I can give you some money for a cab ride back.

My awesome idea. :)

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My idea is that, like Facebook, you will have a little status message that others can comment on.  Yes, I edited this pic, lol.  Don't you think it's a great idea?

Email Stardoll!


Haha, I found this on someone's profile.  Don't you think it's ironic?

PEACE.LOVE.AND CHICKEN FINGERS.animal abuse is wrong

I'm not going to give out my p/w.

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People seem to be experimenting with the new broadcast system.