That does NOT have anything to do with this.

"Hi blondebug,
Thanks for getting in touch with us.
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When signing up for Stardoll you were asked to confirm your e-mail address. If you gave the correct address you should already have a verification mail from us in your e-mail inbox. Click on the link in the e-mail and your e-mail address will be confirmed at Stardoll.
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Come have fashionable fun here with us!
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You wrote:
I have 603 starpoints, but I haven't gotten my reward for 600 starpoints yet. It says I need to earn -3 before I can unlock the 600 starpoint reward. Can you please fix this ASAP?"

THAT was hilarious.

Just browsing through today's comments on the covergirl...

I could NOT resist putting this on the blog.

It's so... random! xD

Does that even make sense?

I've never needed -3 more starpoints before.  Woohoo. :/

Earth Hour

Hey everyone,

I'm actually really happy with Stardoll for once.  If they hadn't been telling us about it, I wouldn't have known.

You all know what I'm talking about, right?

From 8:30 to 9:30 pm today (March 18th) you turn out every single light.  The whole world won't be doing it at the same time since we all have different time zones, but make sure you do it.  It's great.

By the way -- This user (click) signed up yesterday, has a club, 300 starpoints, and is superstar.  She's Earth.Hour.  Do you think she is a loyal supporter or a member of stardoll?

Two free shirts, free bag!

In the starplaza!  Get em quick!  Under the New section.


I'm horrible with updating my blog, I apologize guys!

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See you next month, hopefully!


Woops, I was a little late.  Oh well.

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There you have it, lol.  See you!


I was in the bathroom and Jayda called out to me, "That's a little weird..."

I came out and I was like, "What?"

"Your MeDoll changed."

Sure enough, the hair, lips and makeup were different.  Jayda was on her account (trstar-jr) visiting my house.

I panicked and logged on to my account. My password still worked, but I didn't know what the hacker might be doing at the moment.  I quickly checked all my DKNY and stuff, and didn't know what was going on.

Jayda was watching me the whole time, and then whispered in my ear. "You're so gullible!"

Aah, yes, she pretended to be a hacker while I was in the bathroom.

My response was, "RAWWWWWWWWWR!" and then I smiled like this: :)

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking....

[Now's your time to insert some joke like, "Oh wow, shocker!" or "Did you hurt yourself?"]

....with this so-called Italian Mafia around, everyone's all worried about it and stuff.  I was just scrolling through new blog posts from the blogs I follow and probably every 2 out of 3 was about hacking or the 'Italian Mafia'.  So, how did this start?  Who got everyone all worked up about it?  Who told everyone that they were hackers?

I'm pretty sure a few million Stardoll users didn't just simultainiously think the same thought and give this group the same name.

{By the way, Italian Mafia?  Where the heck do you get that name from?}

So, who told everyone?  And most importantly, how do they know?

Also, I've read that these people call themselves the Italian Mafia.  But who has actually talked to them?  Who was the one who had "Hi, we are the Italian Mafia," said to them?

I just want some answers.

And;; scene. :)

So, here's the picture.  Me and Jayda hanging out at my house where there's two computers.  Jayda is trstar-jr / kiwi005 btw.  We're on Stardoll.  So, she sees she has a friend request.  Reads it.  Says to me, "Oh, I know my MeDoll is stylish.  Of course I'll be your friend." *fake giggles in high pitched voice* *accepts request* I say back, "She must be CRAZZY to think that you're stylish."  *high fives myself at totally awesome burn*

Cut to me on the other computer.

"Oh, look, I got the exact same request.  Looks like that person is just copying and pasting her message to whoever she wants to be friends with." *accepts request* *Jayda walks over and reads my request* "That's a different person than mine."  "Oh, that's weird."

Cut to about one week later.

"OHMIGODPANICPANICPANICOHMYGODNONONOPANICPANIC!" is my reaction when I read this.  *goes to Facebook and messages Jayda*

Taryn says:
You know that person with the message that we both accepted a long time ago?  HACKER!!!!!!

Jayda says:

*both go change our passwords*


Yeah.  You got that right.

I ACCEPTED THE HACKER.  I didn't notice anything missing or messed with, but it had been a long time since I accepted it!  I changed my password, but I is very scared. :O

So here's wassup. :)

Hey everyone plus Lettiecakes :)

I haven't updated my blog for the longest time, ohmygosh :O

10 followers!  Fantastic!  Superb!  Great! :D


That's all.

See yaa. <3