And;; scene. :)

So, here's the picture.  Me and Jayda hanging out at my house where there's two computers.  Jayda is trstar-jr / kiwi005 btw.  We're on Stardoll.  So, she sees she has a friend request.  Reads it.  Says to me, "Oh, I know my MeDoll is stylish.  Of course I'll be your friend." *fake giggles in high pitched voice* *accepts request* I say back, "She must be CRAZZY to think that you're stylish."  *high fives myself at totally awesome burn*

Cut to me on the other computer.

"Oh, look, I got the exact same request.  Looks like that person is just copying and pasting her message to whoever she wants to be friends with." *accepts request* *Jayda walks over and reads my request* "That's a different person than mine."  "Oh, that's weird."

Cut to about one week later.

"OHMIGODPANICPANICPANICOHMYGODNONONOPANICPANIC!" is my reaction when I read this.  *goes to Facebook and messages Jayda*

Taryn says:
You know that person with the message that we both accepted a long time ago?  HACKER!!!!!!

Jayda says:

*both go change our passwords*


Yeah.  You got that right.

I ACCEPTED THE HACKER.  I didn't notice anything missing or messed with, but it had been a long time since I accepted it!  I changed my password, but I is very scared. :O


  1. By the way, I accepted Alexandra_8296 and Jayda accepted Kelly something.

  2. And now her kiwi005 account got a request from Michelle_####. I don't remember the numbers.