Holy crap.  Am I the only one who thinks "Hotbuy Reviews" on Stardoll blogs are annoying?

News At Whatever Time It Is

Nawtii stands for News At Whatever Time It Is.  This is the name of a play written, filmed and acted out by Taryn and Brett.  New episodes will be added often.




Non-superstar rooms!

Non-SS's only get one room now!!  It's expanded a lil, though, but...

Thoughts?  Check it out by clicking here.

Ooh! *giggle*

Hmm... anything new?

*looks around*

*checks cupboards*

*looks under couch seats*

See it?

Yeah!  I have a banner now!  It is totally amazing and made by the fabulistic ***EBD*** who offered to make me one.

I edited the image to make a matching main banner for the site as well.

What do you think?

[I'm going to use the banner when I hire another writer.  For now, since it's only me, I won't use it yet.]

Pissed... so pissed

I get high scores in all the play and earn games but I don't earn any stardollars.

My email is confirmed.



EDIT:  Never mind.  It works on Internet Explorer but not Google Chrome.  Hmm.  Weird.

Sims clothing!

If you would like to purchase some, sign here and tell me which kind you want as well as any special order information.

Sorry if you think the prices are bad - if you purchase one without any special orders I only earn one stardollar.

Taryn xx

First Contest Results

I decided to cut the contest short, seeing as how no one else was entering.  Here were the prizes:

"You get to guest write a post here on Blondedoll, a long with a lil somethin-somethin for your suite.  Who knows where a guest post might lead you... a permanent place here?  We'll see."

So I looked through the three entries, and decided on Dirk691's.

"Here's mine. It's all about the late 80's/early to mid-90's. Imagine it, sheer hot pink silk, with a red heart at center, worn with a black lacey bra, loose, torn jeans, with heels and black, fingerless gloves.

I thought her idea was unique and trendy, and I liked it.


I'll mail you on Stardoll.

Callie. Are you effing kidding me.

Today's poll was asking how old Stardoll will be on her birthday.  Callie gave the options of 1, 2, or 3 years.  But the real answer is 6!

Don't believe me?  Go to the SD homepage and read the text on the bottom.  That's what you'll see.

Callie - you WORK FOR STARDOLL.  Are you seriously this stupid?  Omg.

KrappTrapp Productions

Hey everyone!

Check out my new youtube channel, KrappTrapp.

Lil green thing.

I found a lil green thing in my kinder surprise that I got from easter.  I decided to name it Green Bitch.  Isn't it cute?

Blondedoll's First Contest!

Yeah, that's right Stardollians.  Your favorite (I hope!) blog is having our very first contest!  It requires a fashion sense and a knowledge of StarDesign.  Here's how it goes.

You must use the following pattern:

and transform it into something chic and pretty that someone would actually wear.  Usually when you go into StarDesign this pattern shows up, but if it doesn't, just drag a red heart onto a pink background.  Make sure it is the right colors!

There are a few rules you must follow.

-You cannot change the colors.
-You must use the heart.
-You cannot add any more shapes onto the design.
-The heart must be visible, but it doesn't have to be huge.
-You can make your design into any type of clothing you want.
-You do not have to purchase it.
-You cannot use 'Add a Print'.
-You are free to use whatever material you wish - cotton, silk, jean, or knitted.
-One entry per person.
-You are free to use the rotate, size, or transparency tools.
-You can choose between the small triangle, large triangle, or square shape for your design.

Make a screen shot and upload it to an image hosting site like photobucket or tinypic, then put the link to your image in the comments.

Oh, and, the prize?  You get to guest write a post here on Blondedoll, a long with a lil somethin-somethin for your suite.  Who knows where a guest post might lead you... a permanent place here?  We'll see.

Good luck to all, and may the best designer win.

[Deadline will be May 2nd.]

Biggest Stardoll Pet Peeve

What's your biggest pet peeve that has to do with Stardoll?

The one thing that can make you spend hours writing hate mail to the staff?

Leave a comment.

Mine is how sometimes Stardoll will give a free item to one country or another.  Usually the US.  Yes, I know there's a way to get it by using Proxy sites, but it's still the fact that stardoll is giving an item to one section of their members and leaving the rest out that really bothers me.  Why not just give it to everyone?  UGH.

Post yours!

No, no, no, no, no!!

Have a look at today's covergirl...  AHH!

Still going on?

Mik-Ma and Halmonkey3 have been posting about their little fight for like two weeks now.  It is seriously getting old!  So what if she fired you?  Get over it.  Neither of you have to 'win'.  It's just getting ridiculous and really, really annoying.



Do me a favor, luvs, go through my sd closet and dress me.  Then screen shot it and post the link here.  I'm desperate :/

New poll

"Should the blog have a makeover?"

Please vote.  I want to know if you're getting tired of the pink-and-zebra-print luvliness.


^ Were the high pitched screaming noises I made when I saw the new medoll editor.  Then Jayda turned around to see what I was BAAAAAH!!-ing about, and she joined me in my screams.

Jayda: DAAH!
Me: I likey.

No wonder I'm losing my voice. xP

That does NOT have anything to do with this.

"Hi blondebug,
Thanks for getting in touch with us.
If you have changed your verified email address, we will send a new confirmation to your old email address first - you will have to confirm the changes from there.

When signing up for Stardoll you were asked to confirm your e-mail address. If you gave the correct address you should already have a verification mail from us in your e-mail inbox. Click on the link in the e-mail and your e-mail address will be confirmed at Stardoll.
Remember that you have to confirm your e-mail address to receive your one Stardollar every day you log-in to the site!
If you've made a mistake when writing the address you can go into "My Account" and change it and save changes with your password. 

If you have missed your confirmation e-mail, you can get a new one by going to "My Account" and clicking on the link "Send new confirmation e-mail". 

For more information, you can also click on the Help Tab.
Come have fashionable fun here with us!
Yours Truly,
The Stardoll Staff

You wrote:
I have 603 starpoints, but I haven't gotten my reward for 600 starpoints yet. It says I need to earn -3 before I can unlock the 600 starpoint reward. Can you please fix this ASAP?"

THAT was hilarious.

Just browsing through today's comments on the covergirl...

I could NOT resist putting this on the blog.

It's so... random! xD

Does that even make sense?

I've never needed -3 more starpoints before.  Woohoo. :/

Earth Hour

Hey everyone,

I'm actually really happy with Stardoll for once.  If they hadn't been telling us about it, I wouldn't have known.

You all know what I'm talking about, right?

From 8:30 to 9:30 pm today (March 18th) you turn out every single light.  The whole world won't be doing it at the same time since we all have different time zones, but make sure you do it.  It's great.

By the way -- This user (click) signed up yesterday, has a club, 300 starpoints, and is superstar.  She's Earth.Hour.  Do you think she is a loyal supporter or a member of stardoll?

Two free shirts, free bag!

In the starplaza!  Get em quick!  Under the New section.


I'm horrible with updating my blog, I apologize guys!

Unique Readers: 511
Page Hits: 1211
Followers: 11
Average Page Hits Per Reader: 2.4
Posts: 6


See you next month, hopefully!


Woops, I was a little late.  Oh well.

Unique Readers: 464
Page Hits: 1147
Followers: 10
Average Page Hits Per Reader: 2.4
Posts: 7

There you have it, lol.  See you!


I was in the bathroom and Jayda called out to me, "That's a little weird..."

I came out and I was like, "What?"

"Your MeDoll changed."

Sure enough, the hair, lips and makeup were different.  Jayda was on her account (trstar-jr) visiting my house.

I panicked and logged on to my account. My password still worked, but I didn't know what the hacker might be doing at the moment.  I quickly checked all my DKNY and stuff, and didn't know what was going on.

Jayda was watching me the whole time, and then whispered in my ear. "You're so gullible!"

Aah, yes, she pretended to be a hacker while I was in the bathroom.

My response was, "RAWWWWWWWWWR!" and then I smiled like this: :)

I've been thinking...

I've been thinking....

[Now's your time to insert some joke like, "Oh wow, shocker!" or "Did you hurt yourself?"]

....with this so-called Italian Mafia around, everyone's all worried about it and stuff.  I was just scrolling through new blog posts from the blogs I follow and probably every 2 out of 3 was about hacking or the 'Italian Mafia'.  So, how did this start?  Who got everyone all worked up about it?  Who told everyone that they were hackers?

I'm pretty sure a few million Stardoll users didn't just simultainiously think the same thought and give this group the same name.

{By the way, Italian Mafia?  Where the heck do you get that name from?}

So, who told everyone?  And most importantly, how do they know?

Also, I've read that these people call themselves the Italian Mafia.  But who has actually talked to them?  Who was the one who had "Hi, we are the Italian Mafia," said to them?

I just want some answers.

And;; scene. :)

So, here's the picture.  Me and Jayda hanging out at my house where there's two computers.  Jayda is trstar-jr / kiwi005 btw.  We're on Stardoll.  So, she sees she has a friend request.  Reads it.  Says to me, "Oh, I know my MeDoll is stylish.  Of course I'll be your friend." *fake giggles in high pitched voice* *accepts request* I say back, "She must be CRAZZY to think that you're stylish."  *high fives myself at totally awesome burn*

Cut to me on the other computer.

"Oh, look, I got the exact same request.  Looks like that person is just copying and pasting her message to whoever she wants to be friends with." *accepts request* *Jayda walks over and reads my request* "That's a different person than mine."  "Oh, that's weird."

Cut to about one week later.

"OHMIGODPANICPANICPANICOHMYGODNONONOPANICPANIC!" is my reaction when I read this.  *goes to Facebook and messages Jayda*

Taryn says:
You know that person with the message that we both accepted a long time ago?  HACKER!!!!!!

Jayda says:

*both go change our passwords*


Yeah.  You got that right.

I ACCEPTED THE HACKER.  I didn't notice anything missing or messed with, but it had been a long time since I accepted it!  I changed my password, but I is very scared. :O

So here's wassup. :)

Hey everyone plus Lettiecakes :)

I haven't updated my blog for the longest time, ohmygosh :O

10 followers!  Fantastic!  Superb!  Great! :D


That's all.

See yaa. <3

Fake Magazine

I created a fake magazine page.  Tell me what you think!

Click on it to view it better.

Bloom is now blooming!

Hey everyone,

The staff of Bloom Magazine [Caridie, SHaZa-BABii-Xo, and me] have begun to work on the very first issue!

Haven't heard of it yet?

Check out the following links.

I am very excited about this issue.  I would love to tell you what my article is about but it's best a surprise.

See you later, 
Blondebug xx

Yeah, cuz pigs are that talented nowadays.

Bob The Pig -- I know you took your laptop with you when you took the train running away from home, so please email me and I can give you some money for a cab ride back.

My awesome idea. :)

Click on the image to see it better.

My idea is that, like Facebook, you will have a little status message that others can comment on.  Yes, I edited this pic, lol.  Don't you think it's a great idea?

Email Stardoll!


Haha, I found this on someone's profile.  Don't you think it's ironic?

PEACE.LOVE.AND CHICKEN FINGERS.animal abuse is wrong

I'm not going to give out my p/w.

Click on it.


People seem to be experimenting with the new broadcast system.

OMG!! :D

{read from top down}

UndamyUmbrellla x2!

Whoa!  So does that mean that I can make a second account called blondeBug or BlondeBug or something?  Weird!

Happy February (Almost)

It's January 31st, so I thought I would make a little post about this month's blog stats.

I just made the blog this month (January 4th to be exact), and it's pretty successful...

Unique Readers: 230
Page Hits: 620
Followers: 5
Average Page Hits Per Reader: 3
Comments: 30
Posts: 54

See you next month!



New Broadcasts ...

I hate this, thnx stardoll :p

(Yes, you can actually put that in a broadcast.)

Stardoll basically just took away all our uniqueness.  Try to make a unique message and tell me in the comments if it works.


Fatties say WHAT!?

Tell the world RIGHT NOW my arse.

My Styling Studio Doll.

Oh My :O

Those are my Stardollars and Starpoints.

Am I low on Starpoints or just high on Stardollars?

Lmfaoo.  High on stardollars.  It's the new drug.  heh.

My Youtube!

Hey yall,

I have a YouTube account (No, it's not about Stardoll.)

I need your help -- Think you know Rares?

I have three pieces of clothing that I believe to be rare items in my suite.

1.) Voile Hot Buys Dress
2.) Voile Inspired By Roberto Cavalli
3.) DKNY Logo Beret

Now, here's where you come in.

What is each item worth?

Is the DKNY beret even rare?

Please comment, and if you leave your username you may get a gift (since I now have $423)

Trying out graphics.

I've been trying out a little graphic editing, check out this pic.

Top left -- Medoll.
Middle Left -- Real Stardoll arm.
Middle Right -- My finished arm.
Top right -- four attempts at drawing the hand.
Bottom right  -- Color pallette.

My finished product (middle right) isn't so bad.

My arm!

Omg, life accomplishment!

Yeah, you saw that right bay bay.

It's a fairly-partly-almost good arm that I seem to have created myself!

It's so freaking awesome I set it as my MSN display picture!  lmao.

I mean, seriously.  It's good.  Isn't it?  No?

I made it on Paint.

Okay, okay, I'll keep practicing.

But I was serious about the MSN dp thing.  Heheh.

Attack of the bad graphics!

Someone hold me. D:

Who murdered the good graphic designer?  Was it Callie?  Or maybe her little Callie-In-Training, Vickie.Stardoll .  Lmfaoo.

Gotta love her.


She's my friend in real life.

I take credit for getting her hooked on Stardoll and making her superstar. :)

Styling Studio

If you can't read it, click. ^

Well, that's my thoughts on the new styling studio.

What about you?

And PS, yes I did know that it's been out for a week or so but I was just too lazy to post about it.  You know you love me. :)

If I owned Stardoll...

If you can't read it, click on it. :)


Is it just me, or...?

...did my MeDoll get a tan?

The first pic was a few days ago, and the one on the right is from today.


You're kidding me!

I love this skirt, so I bought it yesterday for the loverly price of 6 Stardollars.  Now today, mere hours later, it is on sale for half!


Oh well, I still bought a cute dress for $3!

Happy shopping <3

Weird With A Cute Bracelet

Left to right::

Gonna come clean for Agyness Deyn -- I'm Awfully Keen On Aggy Dean -- Don't Need Caffeine Drink Agyness Deyn!

And no, I am not buying these.


Spunky Schoolgirl

This is a look I like to call Spunky Schoolgirl.

It's a modern take on a traditional school uniform.


ExclamationMarks. :O !!!

You're looking at the newest writer for Bloom Magazine (owned by Caridie)!!

Click on the image to see it bigger.

*turns on Cone of Silence*

OMG!!!!!11!!oneone!!!! THIS IS THE BEST DAY OF MY LIFEEEEEEE!!!111ONE!!!!!!!

[For all of you who haven't seen the movie Get Smart, you won't understand that. lol.]

Low on money, bored of wardrobe?

If you don't have much money but are looking to update your wardrobe, a quick fix is to buy a cute vest like the one below.

It can totally change an outfit, and gives you a million different outfit combinations!  I bought the one pictured for $5 (at the Stardoll Girls shop, I think).

If you're not into vests, try a cute open sweater or cardigan.

Have fun!

Well, that's awesome!

My superstar expires in 10 days.

And my dad said he will let me fill up on Stardollars now AND renew my superstar in a couple weeks!

How cool.

Alright, I'm going to go buy my Stardollars now. 


My New Profile :]




“I don't do fashion, I am fashion.”  

Coco Chanel 


“When in doubt, wear red.” 
Bill Blass




Hello, darlings, you can call me Eva.  That’s not my real name, but that is the one I choose to go by online.  Well, a little about myself.  I’m in my thirteenth year of life, and am in love with fashion.  Less is more, and quality over quantity.  When I’m not at school you can most likely find me hanging out with my friends. 

I don’t know how long ago it was when I first joined Stardoll – I would guess I was about ten back then.  I have since gotten a new account, aka the one you are seeing now. 


There are a few things that I do not appreciate here on Stardoll.  That is users asking for my password, or spamming Stardoll with advertisements or free stardollar offers.  I may be blonde, but I am pretty smart.  I know that if something is too good to be true, then it’s probably not. 



I write for a magazine called Electric Magazine.  You can take a look by visiting the club ElectricMag. and looking at the site given on the club presentation.  I also own a blog called Blondedoll – Stardoll According To Blondebug.  You can find that I would definitely appreciate if you looked at it. 


Do not copy my presentation.  I wrote and designed it myself.  If you feel like you need a better presentation, try writing one on Microsoft Word and then pasting it onto your profile.    


Well, with that I will say goodbye.  Thanks for reading this, and don’t forget to check out my blog. 




Star Awards Nominations

I recently nominated people for the Star Awards, and here were my votes.

Best Newcomer: UndamyUmbrellla Best Female Medoll: blonde_bum101 Best Male Medoll: fag_puff Best Dressed: fakeshake3 Best Suite: jojoPorter Social Butterfly: fakeshake3 Best Personality: writemarycat Best Friendship: kiwi005 and blondebug Best Magazine: Eternity Best Blog: Best Business: // Best Modeling Agency: Eternity Models Special Achivement Award: // Biggest Role Model: fakeshake3

Who are you voting for?

Layer Dress

I layered a fluffy top with a strapless dress to create this look.

What do you think?

If you luv mee.... <3

Join this club.
Follow this blog.
Rate this blog (side).
Comment this post.
Sign here.
Tell your friends about this blog.

Thanks yall.

You get one virtual smoochie per thing you do. ^^

Polls... wtf?

This is just stupid.

Yesterday it was his favorite food.  It was like cabbage rolls or cereal or neck blood or something.  Seriously, Callie, come up with something better.

On another note, I sent a really angry letter to Stardoll regarding free stuff only available for one country and not any others.  I'll post it here when I get a reply.  Hopefully it's not, "Thank you for your suggestion!" or something like that.  God.

Messed up shirt.

Kiwi005 and I both agree that this is totally demented...

"I'm Awfully Keen On Aggy Dean."

It's in the Starplaza, go see for yourself! :O

Writemarycat :)

I put that in order so read from the top down. ^

Hit or miss?

Hit or miss?  I'm talking about the hair.  I know that I'm Blondebug, but I like some change once in a while.

What do you think?

This has to be some sort of record!

I just made a new club called Adorkable.

I have 12 members already!  You're probably thinking, no big deal, but here's the catch--

I made the club five minutes ago!

Thanks everyone!

Slumber Party

Stardoll's newest theme is Slumber Party.  I guess they're bringing this back with some new minishop items.  If I remember correctly, last time lots of people were saying it was stupid.  Stardoll was about fashion, so why would we put out medolls in pajamas?  

Costume party, maybe. :)

Here's some pictures.
I like the robe best.

What the heck is that? ^ It's called a Slumber Blanket.

I have that duck in real life!  But it's about the size of my hand. lol. :)

So what do you think?

My $pending Rules

As of right now, I have 83 Stardollars.  I fail. :O

Here they are, I made them about a month ago.

"I have decided, so that I don't spend too much, that these will be my rules:

- I should try to have 100 Stardollars at all times.
- I can't spend more than $10 on one item.
- If I have $90 or less I can't buy anything else until I get more money.
- I can only send one broadcast per day, and I must have at least 95 Stardollars to do it."

The ugliest thing to ever touch my medoll...

Who would pay five whole Stardollars for this?

The graphics are horrible!  It's a tacky color!  It's a weird design (who would leave part of their jacket open... are they trying to air out their chest?)!  It's just... ugh!

What do you think?