I've been thinking...

I've been thinking....

[Now's your time to insert some joke like, "Oh wow, shocker!" or "Did you hurt yourself?"]

....with this so-called Italian Mafia around, everyone's all worried about it and stuff.  I was just scrolling through new blog posts from the blogs I follow and probably every 2 out of 3 was about hacking or the 'Italian Mafia'.  So, how did this start?  Who got everyone all worked up about it?  Who told everyone that they were hackers?

I'm pretty sure a few million Stardoll users didn't just simultainiously think the same thought and give this group the same name.

{By the way, Italian Mafia?  Where the heck do you get that name from?}

So, who told everyone?  And most importantly, how do they know?

Also, I've read that these people call themselves the Italian Mafia.  But who has actually talked to them?  Who was the one who had "Hi, we are the Italian Mafia," said to them?

I just want some answers.


  1. An author at http://perezhiltonofstardoll.blogspot.com/ told everyone about this whole 'Italian Mafia' thingy-bobbie.

    Oh, and I must insert my piece! :)
    Did you hurt yourself? Did you go to hospital?

  2. Yes. The doctors told me never to think again. :)