Blondedoll's First Contest!

Yeah, that's right Stardollians.  Your favorite (I hope!) blog is having our very first contest!  It requires a fashion sense and a knowledge of StarDesign.  Here's how it goes.

You must use the following pattern:

and transform it into something chic and pretty that someone would actually wear.  Usually when you go into StarDesign this pattern shows up, but if it doesn't, just drag a red heart onto a pink background.  Make sure it is the right colors!

There are a few rules you must follow.

-You cannot change the colors.
-You must use the heart.
-You cannot add any more shapes onto the design.
-The heart must be visible, but it doesn't have to be huge.
-You can make your design into any type of clothing you want.
-You do not have to purchase it.
-You cannot use 'Add a Print'.
-You are free to use whatever material you wish - cotton, silk, jean, or knitted.
-One entry per person.
-You are free to use the rotate, size, or transparency tools.
-You can choose between the small triangle, large triangle, or square shape for your design.

Make a screen shot and upload it to an image hosting site like photobucket or tinypic, then put the link to your image in the comments.

Oh, and, the prize?  You get to guest write a post here on Blondedoll, a long with a lil somethin-somethin for your suite.  Who knows where a guest post might lead you... a permanent place here?  We'll see.

Good luck to all, and may the best designer win.

[Deadline will be May 2nd.]


  1. Here's my example, by the way...



  3. I dont know who to take a screenshot :(

  4. Press the Prt Scr (Print Screen) button on your keyboard OR CTRL + Prt Scr. Then paste it onto a photo editor like Paint and crop it. (:

  5. Ok, I'm Done, The Link Is

    Hope You Like It!! X

  6. Here's mine. It's all about the late 80's/early to mid-90's. Imagine it, sheer hot pink silk, with a red heart at center, worn with a black lacey bra, loose, torn jeans, with heels and black, fingerless gloves.

  7. Neat idea! Thx for entering luv.