Biggest Stardoll Pet Peeve

What's your biggest pet peeve that has to do with Stardoll?

The one thing that can make you spend hours writing hate mail to the staff?

Leave a comment.

Mine is how sometimes Stardoll will give a free item to one country or another.  Usually the US.  Yes, I know there's a way to get it by using Proxy sites, but it's still the fact that stardoll is giving an item to one section of their members and leaving the rest out that really bothers me.  Why not just give it to everyone?  UGH.

Post yours!


  1. You spend loads of Stardollars on clothes [or something like that] and they don't turn up in your suite.

    And then you mail the stupid staff about it, and they reply:
    "This problem is being resolved. Thank you for your patience. Come here and have fashionable fun with US"!
    And it never works.

    God, I hate them.

  2. Yes! Or, when they reply to a message, any message, with something that has NOTHING to do with your issue.

  3. Well, I am American so I get a great majority of the free stuff, but I hated the whole "Secret of Moonacre" thing. British users received so many bigger free stuff, that is decently nice...grrrr.

  4. Yeah, that one was so annoying. :/