First Contest Results

I decided to cut the contest short, seeing as how no one else was entering.  Here were the prizes:

"You get to guest write a post here on Blondedoll, a long with a lil somethin-somethin for your suite.  Who knows where a guest post might lead you... a permanent place here?  We'll see."

So I looked through the three entries, and decided on Dirk691's.

"Here's mine. It's all about the late 80's/early to mid-90's. Imagine it, sheer hot pink silk, with a red heart at center, worn with a black lacey bra, loose, torn jeans, with heels and black, fingerless gloves.

I thought her idea was unique and trendy, and I liked it.


I'll mail you on Stardoll.

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  1. thanks so much! I can't wait to write my entry for u . XOX -Lily