I need your help -- Think you know Rares?

I have three pieces of clothing that I believe to be rare items in my suite.

1.) Voile Hot Buys Dress
2.) Voile Inspired By Roberto Cavalli
3.) DKNY Logo Beret

Now, here's where you come in.

What is each item worth?

Is the DKNY beret even rare?

Please comment, and if you leave your username you may get a gift (since I now have $423)


  1. The Voile Hot Buys Dress is a hot buy so it's wanted although lots of people have it...I think its price is...30-40 stardollars

    The Voile Inspired By Roberto Cavalli isn't too rare because it was in the Plaza 2-3 months ago.I think its price is...20-30 stardollars

    The DKNY Logo Beret is really old-1st season DKNY-so I believe it IS a rare!!!I think its price is...40+(although some people won't agree with that price!)
    I hope I helped!

    xoxo, Olina
    (xloi13 on stardoll

    P.S.:Cool blog!

  2. Thanks!

    Writemarycat told me the Roberto dress was 60, the hot buys dress is 30, and the beret is an sms code! :)